About Quilting by the Stitch

Quilting by the Stitch creates and constructs custom quilts for any occasion. Visit our gallery for modern, traditional, and featured T-shirt quilts. Sample quilts are available for purchase. Our creative team will assist in design, fabric selection, and provide teaching activities for those who want to create their own quilts.

Fabrics used in our quilts maybe purchased online.

Galactica Star Quilt

Momence High School T-Shirt Quilt

Momence High School T-Shirt Quilt

Long-arm Machine Quilting

We are a professional machine quilting service that combines computer technology and traditional long-arm quilting.  Our system provides a library of over 1,500 quilting designs to assist our customers in completing projects quickly and professionally.

T-Shirt and Memory Quilts

T-shirt quilts are great gifts and preserve many memories from our lives. We will help you transform your t-shirt collection into a custom t-shirt quilt. T-shirt quilts can be made from various activities and events. For example: clubs, sports, church groups, fraternity and sorority, college athletics, vacations, family, baby and children clothes, high school, and concert.